Teleflex Vascular Access Product Catalog

Teleflex, a global provider of medical devices, needed an online catalog for their Vascular division to serve as a tool for their salespeople. With an online catalog, customers can quickly find the products and information they need to place orders with their sales reps.

We created an online catalog solution that is modern, intelligent, and scalable. It can easily be adapted for Teleflex’s other business units, as well.


Our Goal

Our goal was to create a web catalog that not only meets the current needs of the Teleflex Vascular business unit, but also any anticipated future needs. We also wanted the catalog to serve as a template that could easily be adapted for other Teleflex business units, so that future web catalogs could be rolled out more quickly and easily.

Our Solutions

We met extensively with the Teleflex Vascular team prior to choosing our solutions to ensure we fully understood their needs. From there, we chose the solutions that we felt best aligned with Teleflex Vascular’s current and future needs.

Ecommerce Framework

Though Teleflex did not plan to offer the ability to purchase products online at the time of the catalog launch, the catalog was built using an online store framework called Spree. This gives the catalog a similar look and feel to an online store, and allows Teleflex Vascular to more easily add online purchasing options if they decide to offer it in the future.

“Amazon-Style” Faceted Search

We used a search index called Solr to support “Amazon-style” faceted searches within the Vascular catalog. Solr indexes product data as new products get added to the catalog, allowing for quick searches that give users the option to narrow down results with different criteria. This allows users to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.

International Expansion Capabilities

Though the catalog is currently only offered in English, it was built with geolocation logic to allow for international expansion in the future. Since Teleflex serves a global market, international expansion of the Vascular catalog is a very likely in a future iteration.