P3 Inbound Online Marketing Platform for Orthopedic, Spine, & Neuro Practices

P3 Inbound Online Marketing Platform

We developed P3 Inbound as an online marketing solution for orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices to help them reach the right patients. These practices have very specific needs for marketing, and one-size-fits-all website and online marketing solutions are not the best for helping them achieve their goals.

The P3 Platform was built to empower practices to take control of their online marketing and reputation. We tailored our systems, interfaces, and processes to make them easy for practices to implement and follow. We also incorporated customer feedback into our offerings to ensure we were meeting the needs of these practices.

P3 Publish Icons

Our Goal

It is important for orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices to always have the most up-to-date information available for their patients, including their location, medical forms, and information about their procedures.

We wanted to build a website platform that would help practices quickly convey important information to patients, while also making it easy for practices to maintain and update information without web coding knowledge. While there are many website platforms that allow businesses to update their content, few are tailored to medical practices and how patients behave online.

In developing the P3 Platform, we studied patient behavior online and got feedback from our clients to build a platform that would fill those needs.

Our Solutions

We developed solutions to help orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices market themselves effectively to attract the patients best suited to their specialties.

P3 Publish

P3 Publish is a website content management system we custom-built specifically for orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices. We designed it to make it easy for doctors and medical office personnel to log in and make content updates to their websites, as well as manage appointment requests and testimonials submitted by patients.

P3 Publish Dashboard

P3 Publish Themes

Our team created three different theme options to best highlight information for different practice sizes and specialties, and colors, imagery, and content can be customized for the practice.

P3 Platform Comprehensive Theme
P3 Platform Focused Theme
P3 Platform Regional Theme

P3 Publish Support

We also created a library of support documentation to help our customers navigate the P3 Publish interface and give tips on updating their content.

P3 Publish Support Example

Additional Practice Marketing Solutions

When developing the P3 Platform, we also recognized that the website was only one component of a practice’s online presence. As such, we developed other services to help practices meet their online marketing goals.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services help highlight the practice’s specialties and showcase what sets them apart from other practices. In turn, this helps practices improve ranking for key procedures and services.

Content Marketing Example

Reputation Marketing

We partnered with Doctor.com to offer reputation marketing services to our clients. Doctor.com’s service helps practices build up positive online reviews, which looks great in search results and helps patients feel more confident about moving forward with an appointment.

Reputation Marketing Example

Paid Search

We also create paid search and social media advertising campaigns for practices to help target patients seeking out specific procedures.

Paid Search Example

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