Olympus Direct to Patient Website


Olympus Medical is a precision technology leader, creating innovative solutions in healthcare. They currently work with 90% of gastroenterologists in the colorectal screening market. Current statistics show that only 60% of the target age group gets screened for colon cancer, leaving 40% of the market open to target with outreach campaigns.

Olympus Medical’s goal is to promote the life-saving necessity of getting screened and clarify common misconceptions about the screening process. Mudbug Media provided a direct-to-patient marketing approach focused on growing the Olympus Medical brand by driving consumers to learn more about the importance of colorectal screenings.

Visit ColonoscopyToday.com

Our Goal

ColonoscopyToday.com is a digital solution to reach the target age group for colorectal screenings. This site helps Olympus convey the importance of getting screened and encouraging patients to take action. The site achieves these goals with positive messaging on the life-saving benefits of colorectal cancer screenings, while also dispelling common misconceptions about the preparation and screening process. The ultimate goal of the site is to drive patients to find a partnering physician and schedule a colorectal screening.

Sharing Colonoscopy Stories

Patients visiting the site can learn what colonoscopies are really like and how they have helped other patients. Patients who have undergone a colonoscopy can share their own experiences through an online form. These patients can also submit photos of life events they were able to experience because of their screenings, further driving the point home.

Our Approach

Because the target audience is older, our design focused on creating an easily navigable editorial layout. The layout design directs patients to learn more about colorectal screenings, share their experiences, find a physician, and schedule a screening. Large headings and iconography keep the user engaged and provide clear calls to action.

Common Screening Myths

Along with informing patients of the importance of getting screened, ColonoscopyToday.com also dispels common misconceptions about colorectal cancer screenings. This content includes a list of common screening myths and the realities associated with them.