Why Medical Device and Pharma Companies Need a Trusted Online Marketing Partner

October 4, 2016

Whether we like it or not, medicine has become commercialized. Many physicians and surgeons are troubled by this idea. Most of them have not been in the position where they needed to market their practices to continue to get the patient volume they need, and many are unsure of how to navigate these changes.

This is where you, the director of patient marketing, have a great opportunity to empower your sales reps to help their clients. You can help sales reps show clients that they are a valuable resource. While you cannot provide marketing guidance or marketing services to your customers, you can partner with a knowledgeable company that will help your customers get the marketing services they need to be successful.

Why Partner with a Marketing Company?

At a pharma or medical device company, your primary goal will always be selling more of your product and educating your physicians and surgeons on how to properly use those products. However, as medicine becomes commercialized and patients have more options when choosing a physician, the medical landscape has changed. Patients are increasingly turning to online search when looking for a physician, and practices that aren’t paying attention to marketing could be missing out on patients. This is an opportunity for you to help your sales reps build a better relationship with your clients by connecting them with a company that has the tools and advice they need to make their practices more successful.

Marketing also presents an opportunity for your company to reach the patient via the practice. Your company may already doing some type of direct-to-patient marketing. In a way, this is a very similar concept, but instead of marketing on your own, your physicians are providing the information to patients. Your company is just helping them get connected with the right resources to be able to do that.

Of course, you can’t provide these types of services in-house, nor can you offer your clients discounted marketing services, but you can refer clients to a company that can help at fair market value. Partnering with a trusted company gives you a go-to for your clients who need marketing services. If you’ve vetted the marketing company beforehand, you can trust that they will take care of your clients. You’re not partnering with a marketing company to get your clients better rates or “cheap” marketing services--you’re partnering with a company who knows how to help your clients.

Your company isn’t directly profiting from the partnership, but it puts your sales reps in a much better position in the eyes of the physicians. Sales reps can potentially create a much better relationship with clients if they can say, “Give these guys a call. They understand your needs and will get you what you need to bring in more of the right patients.” The marketing company can then help the doctors position themselves to get more of the right patients, which in turn helps you sell more of your products. The key to all of this is choosing a marketing partner that understands the unique needs of a medical practice.

Choosing a Knowledgeable Online Marketing Partner

Sure, there are plenty of companies out there that can offer your clients the things they need to market themselves: websites, content, social media, paid search advertising, reputation management, etc. There are no shortage of these types of companies, but how many of these companies understand the specific needs of medical and surgical practices? How many understand the strategies needed to effectively market medical practices?

Many companies can provide marketing services, but few have the knowledge and experience needed to guide physicians in marketing their practices. Few have fully-integrated marketing platforms that are specifically tailored to your clients’ needs. This is why partnering with the right company is so critical in helping your physicians and surgeons be successful.

Prior to starting Mudbug Media, I was a sales rep for a medical device company, so I understand how important it is to build a relationship with your customers. This understanding has helped to shape the kinds of services we offer to both medical device and pharma companies and their clients. These are services that we’ve refined over the nearly 20-year span that Mudbug Media has been in existence to best serve our clients.

It’s not always about which company is the cheapest option or who has the most services to offer; it’s about finding a company that can provide the services that will help your clients be more successful. If you partner with the right company, it can be a win for everyone. Physicians win when they get more of the right patients in the door. In turn, sales reps win because they are able to sell more devices and medications, and they are seen as an intelligent resource for their clients. Your company wins because you’re selling more devices to happy customers. Most importantly, the patients win when they get the healthcare that they need.

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