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Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies already know this and are shifting marketing strategies to try to keep up. In our Patient Marketing Blog, you'll find our observations and new ideas, including our recommendation to “Reach the Patient via the Practice.”


What Patients Need from Your
Marketing Materials

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked about how direct-to-patient marketing helps medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Last week, I discussed the differences between marketing to physicians and marketing to patients. However, there is a lot more to direct-to-patient marketing than just understanding the differences from physician marketing. To successfully connect with patients, your company needs to understand what patients are actually looking for.

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Helping Physician Clients Understand
Why Marketing Is Important

As more and more patients search online for information about medical conditions and treatments, direct-to-patient marketing is becoming increasingly important for medical device companies.

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Differences Between Direct-to-Patient and
Physician Marketing—And Why You Need Both

Last week, I posted an article about direct-to-patient marketing and how it can help pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In this post, I’ll break down the differences between marketing to physicians and marketing to patients, any why each should be a part of your company’s marketing strategy.

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What is Direct-to-Patient Marketing?

In the past, pharmaceutical and medical device companies marketed their products primarily to physicians and surgeons. This strategy certainly made a lot of sense, and still does, as physicians and surgeons are ultimately the ones prescribing the medications and recommending or using particular devices and implants.

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