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Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies already know this and are shifting marketing strategies to try to keep up. In our Patient Marketing Blog, you'll find our observations and new ideas, including our recommendation to “Reach the Patient via the Practice.”


The 3 Things You Need For an
Effective Direct-to-Patient Website

Direct-to-patient websites can be a helpful marketing strategy for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. However, you need more than a website that explains your treatment option or device to get the most out of the website.

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Creating Patient Education Content

I’ve recently written about the concept of pharma and device companies reaching the patient via the practice. A big part of this concept is that practices need to work with a marketing company who can help them reach more of the right patients. However, practices need to have the right information to provide to patients when they reach those patients.

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Direct-to-Patient Marketing:
Reaching the Patient Via the Practice

Traditionally, direct-to-patient marketing has been about marketing information about your medication or device directly to the consumer. However, there may be a better opportunity for you to reach patients via the practices you work with, rather than marketing to them directly.

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Why Medical Device and Pharma Companies
Need a Trusted Online Marketing Partner

Whether we like it or not, medicine has become commercialized. Many physicians and surgeons are troubled by this idea. Most of them have not been in the position where they needed to market their practices to continue to get the patient volume they need, and many are unsure of how to navigate these changes.

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