Patient Marketing Blog

Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies already know this and are shifting marketing strategies to try to keep up. In our Patient Marketing Blog, you'll find our observations and new ideas, including our recommendation to “Reach the Patient via the Practice.”


How to Train Your Sales Force
on Medical Practice Marketing

Make your pharma or medical device sales team more effective with medical practice marketing tips.

When you’ve put together a good pitch for your sales force on your marketing partner and their services for medical practices, you have to get the word out just like you would with a new product.

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How to Discuss Marketing
with Physicians: What to Say

Once you’ve gotten the sales department on board with the idea of talking to physicians about marketing, you need to make sure that everyone is clear on what can and cannot be said.

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Training Your Sales Team on the
Benefits of Practice Marketing

A direct-to-patient website can be quite effective in educating patients about your medication or device and connecting physicians with patients who are ready for treatment.

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Selling Your Company on the
Concept of Direct-to-Patient Marketing

Directors of patient marketing often have great ideas for direct-to-patient marketing initiatives, but it can be difficult to get buy-in from the rest of the company. The problem is, you need that buy-in to get anything meaningful off the ground.

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