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Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies already know this and are shifting marketing strategies to try to keep up. In our Patient Marketing Blog, you'll find our observations and new ideas, including our recommendation to “Reach the Patient via the Practice.”


Branding for “Customer” Loyalty
in Long-Term Patient Care

Branding and brand awareness is more difficult to establish for medical device and pharma companies in short-term care, but it is crucial if your company focuses on long-term care.

In long-term care, your company has more of an opportunity to develop a relationship and a sense of loyalty among patients.

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How Medical Device and Pharma Companies
Can Reach Short-Term Patients

As I’ve discussed before, it’s important to get your patient education in the hands of physicians. This is especially important if your company sells medications and devices intended for short-term care.

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Why Your Message Impacts Patients More
on a Doctor’s Website

It’s important for medical device and pharma companies to provide information for patients to help them manage their conditions and know when to seek treatment.

This is something that most medical device and pharma companies do. Many distribute these messages via direct-to-patient websites, brochures, and other marketing materials.

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How a Patient Marketing Platform
Developed in 1998 STILL Brings in New Business

18 years ago, I started Mudbug Media based primarily on the concept of patient marketing. Today, our patient marketing platform continues to bring in new business for both the medical practices that use it and, ultimately, the medical device and pharma companies that referred them.

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