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Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies already know this and are shifting marketing strategies to try to keep up. In our Patient Marketing Blog, you'll find our observations and new ideas, including our recommendation to “Reach the Patient via the Practice.”


Avoiding Regulatory Landmines
in Medical Practice Marketing

In this changing medical landscape, it’s important for practices to market themselves. However, one obstacle stands in the way and makes practices hesitate to try marketing: HIPAA.

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3 Steps to Help Practices Prove
ROI in Marketing

Medical device and pharma companies can benefit from connecting physicians with reputable marketing companies. When practices market themselves, they get more of the right patients, and your message reaches the patients who can most benefit from your medications and devices.

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3 Reasons Why Office Managers May Be Unable
to Keep Up With Marketing

Marketing for a medical practice can be a full-time job within itself. Yet, many practices relegate these tasks to their office managers rather than hiring a separate marketing person or company to help out.

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Want to Build a Medical App?
Here’s What You Need to Know

Applications seem simple to build in theory, but to get an app up and working the way you want it to is actually quite difficult. You will probably run into snags along the way and may have to alter your original idea or give up some features in the initial launch to get the app up and running.

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